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 We need your help working at Wurstfest.  If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so now!

For those who may be unfamiliar with Wurstfest (or what we do there) here is a little background.  Wurstfest starts Nov. 1st and is a 10 day long, annual celebration of German culture right here in New Braunfels!  There is a lot of great music, dancing, carnival rides, and food.  The Wurstfest Association allows non-profits like us to raise money at this event. We have two booths where we make and sell funnel cakes.  It is where we as Canyon Band Boosters raise almost our entire annual budget.   It’s very profitable for the amount of time spent.  We plan to clear over $75,000 but it only works if band families like you and me volunteer.

 The shifts are short, there’s on the job training (no experience required), and your free entrance pass allows you in the park either before or after your shift for some personal time.  Plus there’s free shuttle parking!  You don’t have to be a booster to work and students over 13 are welcome. Invite your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers.

  All money raised goes directly to the band programs at Canyon High School and for each of the feeder middle school bands.  Examples include:

* Feed the Band students at Marching Contests   *  Annual Band Banquet
* Scholarships for Seniors who further their Education
* Senior Night Recognition
* General band funding, which benefits all band students (6th-12th)
* Fair Day Pizza party for all students participating in the parade.
* 8th grade parents: Money raised this year, directly benefits your student next year at the high school level.

Please note: This year there are 2 high school football games during Wurstfest, (one being senior night) we really need your help to fill these Friday night slots.

 If we don't fill all shifts and do not meet our commitment to Wurstfest, we run the risk of losing our booths.  Without funds raised at Wurstfest, we as parents could expect to pay a higher fair share fee, or see a reduction or elimination of booster funding for programs like those listed above.  The other alternative would be to have a string of never ending smaller fund raisers throughout the year, which I don’t think any of us wants.  I’ve met other school booster parents who end up doing just that and they are very envious of our Wurstfest option.

Please help now!  We must staff all of the shifts.  It’s fun!!!   





​​Why should we become a

Band Booster Member? 

According to the Bi-laws of the Band Booster Program, you have to be member of the program to have voting rights.  Voting Rights allow you to have a voice in how the Band Booster Program distributes the fundraising money.  Become a MEMBER NOW for a small nominal fee.

​​2019 - 2020 Band Booster Board:

President:  Natascha Reynoso
Vice President: Ray Everhart
Secretary: Amie Bedgood
Treasurer:  Michelle Lehman
Parliamentarian:  Jennifer Lotz


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